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Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Halloween tonight! From Princess Anna of Arendelle 😉



I decided to go with Princess Anna from Disney’s Frozen this year because I knew I would be spending some time outside, commuting to and from meeting my friends. In Canada, it’s pretty cold around this time of year. Something I always hated when I was small and trick-or-treating as a little kid. (Dashed were my 8-year-old self’s dreams of going out as Tinkerbell without wearing about a bajillion layers, totally hiding the costume~)

Having a character like Anna around makes a nice alternative. She’s a character people enjoy, especially children, and her “travelling attire” is pretty warm with it’s long sleeves and skirt, plus the cape.


I ordered my costume and wig online through Amazon, but there’s tons of versions of this costume floating around, given how ridiculously popular Frozen is.


Consider this princess for your costume next Halloween, especially if it’s going to be a chilly one! 😉

Happy Halloween!


Mal ❤


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