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Happy weekend everyone!

Recently, I got contacted by this amazing company called “Mieroglyphs” to try out their super unique bracelets.

mieroglyphs 2

These bracelets are made out of a “cork leather”, and are made from 50% to 100% sustainable materials, and are completely vegan.The bracelets use a magnet to latch together, and are just so cute. Seriously, I get so many compliments from friends and strangers alike when I wear these bracelets out and about.

mieroglyphs 1

Not to mention, they have a strong focus on inspiring positive messages and influences with some special engravings featured on the interior of each bracelet. Or, if you so choose, you can customize your bracelet with a message of your own, to make it even more special!

I’m such a big fan of these bracelets, and so eager to share them with you all, that I want to share 10% off your purchase at with promo code WINNER10. So get shopping! 😉

Have a great rest of your weekend, and I’ll see you this weekend with some more outfits! 🙂


Mal ❤


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