Fashion · Spring


Black and white is one of the most classic colour combos out there. They just go together so well, you’ll always have a great look if you wear them in an outfit. Today’s OOTD is inspired by this traditional colour combo.

may 14 6.5

A nice, flowy top with floral lace details is such a great piece for Spring. It’s cool enough for those warm afternoons, but can also be easily layered with a nice, light Spring jacket. White jeans are great once the snow melts away, as it stands out in the vibrant warm weather and greenery of Spring ❤

may 14 6.2

Get the look:

{Top: Abercrombie & Fitch. Find it here. Currently on sale!}

{Jeans: Joe Fresh. Find it here.}

{Shoes: Call It Spring. Find it here.}

{Sunglasses: Find them here.}

{Bag: Call It Spring. No longer available. Find updated style here.}


Mal ❤


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