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Long List of Starbucks Lovers

Misheard Taylor Swift lyrics aside, I am genuine Starbucks addict. It’s to the point where my friends come to me for recommendations on their Starbucks orders, and figure I basically live at Starbucks. It’s that bad.

For the record, my go-to drink is a skinny caramel macchiato 😉 ❤ Delicious, and low calorie. The best combination.

mar 27 1.5
Bag: Michael Kors; Shoes: Hautelook

Realistically, walking around in heels all day every day isn’t exactly something most women tend to do. I certainly don’t. Heels can be pretty painful! But do they ever make your legs look awesome. However, I like to keep a spare pair of flats in my bag that I can change into if I find my feet getting too bothered by my heels.

mar 27 1.6
Blouse: Guess; Tank (Layered underneath): Aerie; Jeans: Joe Fresh; Necklace: Aldo; Sunglasses:; Bracelets: Purchased at a foreign shop in Dubai Mall

So, with the feet conundrum in mind, this week I styled my outfit in both heels and flats! Since, this is what I would actually do 😉

I love working with this colour palette because you can combine so many different colours and it looks amazing. Browns, creams, greens and black are such a winning combination.

Not to mention, these jeans are super comfortable. I love Joe Fresh jeans because of this, and they tend to make them in such unique and interesting colours, on top of the basics. Which, I appreciate, as someone who likes to create different outfits and ideas 🙂

That’s all for this week! Cheers to another wonderful week.

Mal ❤


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