Fashion · Winter

Dreaming of Green

So, I don’t know about you guys, but I’m definitely over Winter right now. I find myself frequently dreaming over warm Summer temperatures, and seeing leafy trees and green grass again.


So it comes as no surprise to me, that I found myself incorporating green into today’s outfit. As a plea to Mother Nature to make the warmer temperatures come faster.

Another product of my recent haul from, this olive green, drapey trench coat has become a surprised favourite of mine. I’ll be honest: I wasn’t super crazy about this coat until I actually had it on, and found, to my surprise, it looked pretty awesome on.

feb 21 2.5
Trench:; Bag: Call It Spring; Hat: H&M; Shoes: Call It Spring; Leggings: H&M; Sunglasses:; T-Shirt: Joe Fresh

Fingers crossed Spring is coming soon, and we’ll all be basking in warmer temperatures soon!

Happy Friday!!

Mal ❤


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